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Our values are the heart, soul, and brain behind our business, guiding everything we do.

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A vision for enduring business

We look for brands, partners, and strategic capital investments that share our vision for building durable businesses. We value long-lasting principles, not short-term tactics. We build strong internal systems that drive repeatable results and solve a wide range of challenges. We view things holistically, prioritizing thoughtful strategy over fleeting gains. To do all this, we need partners who see the future the way we do.

The best is scarce

The best talent is scarce, so it must be deployed efficiently against problems that are truly worth solving. In order to create enduring value, we need to focus on your most important and pressing issues. Solving those requires top talent. From day one, we provide the best minds to tackle your toughest obstacles so you can achieve long-lasting growth. Because the best is scarce, this also means we’re selective—in the people who work with us and the brands we partner with.

We seek true partnerships

To achieve long-lasting growth, we look for businesses that want to form long-lasting partnerships. The best results occur when our partnerships are founded on continuity and shared incentives. We build a deep understanding of your business, approaching problem-solving with both breadth and depth so we can correctly diagnose fundamental issues and offer the right solutions. All of this is possible when we’re deeply integrated with our partners - members of the same team, on the same mission.

We are thinkers and doers

As thinkers and doers, we strategize and execute. By doing both, we ensure that our strategy is grounded in realistic solutions and that our execution solves the correct problems. We think like investors - identifying the right issues to tackle, optimizing resource allocation, and bringing thoughtful perspectives about the future. We operate like owners - embracing a long-term vision, building a foundation for the future, and focusing on durable solutions instead of quick fixes.

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